My Adventures in Nottingham – The Land of Robin Hood

I have been living in Derby now for a few months. Ever since I have been here, I had been hearing people gushing about Nottingham, which is approximately a forty-minute drive from Derby. So, it was always on my list. But even before that, it was on my list because of it was the land of one of my childhood heroes, Robin Hood and his famous Sherwood Forest. For some reason or the other, I just couldn’t plan a trip. Then came Christmas and what better time could it be to visit Nottingham than this? So off I went to Nottinghamshire. It was indeed worth it and so much more. What made travelling to Nottingham so special and what are some of the things to do in Nottingham? Well, here is what I found out!

Travelling from Derby to Nottingham & Back

The best way to travel from Nottingham to Derby and back is to take the Red Arrow bus from Derby Bus station. The ticket is cheap and the bus takes you to Nottingham in around thirty minutes! Plus, there’s Wi-fi in the bus! What more can one ask for!

Christmas Market

If you are going around Christmas and it ‘your thing’, the Christmas Market in Nottingham is a must visit. It is stunning with loads of fun rides and games. Not to mention the array of food, jewelry and memento stalls. Shopping in Nottingham is never complete without the Christmas market!

Waterstones Bookshop

If you are a book-lover, you cannot afford to miss Waterstones. Disclaimer – You might end up getting lighter on your pocket while coming out of the book store. It is just fabulous. With ground plus 3 floors and an escalator inside, Waterstones at Nottingham is an experience in itself. The presentation and range of books is breathtaking. The tasteful décor and thoughtfully created labels for genres is an absolute treat. If all this wasn’t enough, there is a lovely café at the top floor. Enjoy a cup of coffee while you browse through a book or discuss a book with a friend! I think even a person who is not into books is sure to fall in love with them after visiting this store.

Nottingham Castle and Robin Hood statue

Although the Nottingham Castle, sitting on the castle rock, is no longer open to tourists, the seven feet effigy of the outlaw Robin Hood can still be seen as it stands outside it. His arrow is pointed at the gatehouse and the premises within. The effigy is cast in eight pieces of half-inch thick bronze and is a vision on a block of white Clipsham stone.

Victoria Centre

If you are looking to get some shopping done, then end the trip on a high note at the Victoria Centre. You can shop and eat to your heart’s content here. The best part is the way to the Nottingham bus station is through the mall. Simply get the Red Arrow to travel to Derby from Nottingham which runs every ten minutes. I am sure there must be other places to explore in Nottingham. That will definitely call for another blog. Till then, stay safe and keep travelling and keep exploring!

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