Honeymoon Booked With A Travel Agency? Here’s What You Need to Know


Considering the current scenario, even stepping out of the house for a drink with your boyfriend or fiancée might seem like a honeymoon.  But hey, while we all are waiting for the global quarantine to be lifted and for things to be normal, why not share some useful hacks.  So here’s something interesting about booking your honeymoon through a travel agent.

Things to Consider

Actually whether it is your honeymoon sojourn, or a general trip, some things will have to be given extra attention.


Location of the Hotels

The location of the hotels is absolutely crucial to your overall experience. Infact whatever your accommodation, it plays a major role in ensuring that your trip is a memorable one.  It is a good idea to check how far is your hotel from the city centre or places of interest. But wait! Do we really care about sightseeing on honeymoon? 😀 You might want to ask them to change it if it is too far off, like the ones we were booked in. It was around 50km from the airport on a small hillock with almost nothing around. If you are a couple which likes to roam around on your own and explore the surroundings yourself, a bad location might be a bummer. If you have booked your trip before the wedding, it is all the more essential to check this, as you are definitely going to be in an entirely different mindset, pre and post wedding.


Consider Customising

Researching about the place you want to visit will be an added bonus. If that is done, you can ask the travel agent to customize the package which they are offering as per your preferences. You may not want to see all the places included in the package. You are on a honeymoon, right?


Flight Timings

I realized that flight timings too can make a major difference to how the itinerary has been planned. So what happened with me was that we had a late afternoon flight to our destination. The duration was 1 hour something. But, by the time we reached, took our bags and reached our hotel, it was almost dark. We couldn’t explore the hotel premises in the evening and we lamented it because it was a beautiful heritage hotel in Rajasthan. Ideally, I feel that flight could have been a late morning flight. Likewise, while coming back, our flight was scheduled for departure at 9 am. It could easily have been an evening flight. When you are returning to your city, you aren’t looking to exactly explore it like the one you haven’t visited!


The Upside


Logistics taken care of

Yes, there’s definitely an upside, to booking your honeymoon through a travel agent, You don’t have to worry about most of the logistics, sightseeing bookings and stuff, especially if it is a foreign country. All you have to do is simply enjoy!


Check the Cheque

Yes, the expenditure is more when it is a package tour as compared to DIY. But then, a package tour means you have already paid for most of things you typically pay for on a trip. So you have an idea how much you have paid and how much you would be spending on your own. In case of DIY, there might be a possibility, that one may not keep an exact track of the expenses. One may end up spending more than planned.


The Paparazzi

Some travel agencies nowadays even hire professional photographers. And honeymooners would  definitely not miss this opportunity of a photo op, especially in the insta’age!  And there is a lot of chance that the charges would be included in the package, so you don’t have to worry about finding and paying the photographer.


These were the musings and learnings of an amateur travel enthusiast from her last outing before the pandemic escalated to scary levels. What are your thoughts? Do share in comments!

 Till, then, Be Safe, Stay Home and lets hope this comes to an end soon !

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