How To Make Your First International Travel Experience Special

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International Travel – 10 years back, I don’t think I even had that term in my mundane, middle-class, Indian household dictionary. Or maybe it was, but it was perhaps on the last page or the inside of the back cover! But I have heard that whatever is in your vibration and whatever you put out there in the Universe – your desires, aspirations, etc, they do come true sometime or the other. So perhaps, subconsciously I had sent that desire out to the universe that I want to travel outside the country. Retracing my family history, it doesn’t surprise me now that i was bitten by the travel bug, but the effect was dormant. After the first international trip though, it came into its own. Now, I totally jump at the chance of travelling, seeing different cultures, spaces, people and more. To come back to my first international experience, it was all thanks to my friends from my dance class 6 years back. Initially I thought they were crazy. How are we supposed to manage the money, the visa, the works? But then, they had everything figured out, the money came in and we just had a blast! Thinking back, I was ruminating about what made it so special. I came across quite a few things – 



Don’t Plan it Decades before 

One of the most alluring aspects of my trip was that we didn’t plan it ages ahead. My friends were just hanging out and talking about travelling and the plan came into the picture out of the blue. I am extremely thankful to them for asking me to join! Once it was decided, we got everything done in a couple of months and off we went! The danger with planning trip ages before you actually have to leave is that the enthusiasm can fizzle out. Worse, the trip can be cancelled. That worked wonders for us!


Element of Surprise

Woman  happy and surprised shouts holds cheeks by hand .Beautiful girl  with curly hair  pointing to looking right . Presenting your product. Expressive facial expressions businesswoman  .

The element of surprise is one of the best things when you are on your first international trip. I visited Singapore and it was just fabulous. One of the reasons was that I hardly knew what we were going to do and see. I was caught with work and barely had time. My friends took care of most of the things – forwarding me important emails, sending me payment links and the works. They had done a lot of research and I had no clue whatsoever –Nada. So when I landed and we started roaming around, I was completely thrilled and gobsmacked!


Go With The Flow

As I mentioned, I didn’t know what’s on the itinerary, so I just went with the flow. We combined our tour package itinerary with roaming around on our own. It was such a refreshing experience.  Basically, we used to be out from 9 am in the morning to 2 am the next day, as we used to roam around after 5 pm, once we used to be done with the pre-decided sightseeing schedule. We never used to decide, we just used to see the maps and pick a place impromptu and go. We would take the metro most of the times as it was the best way to travel, along with the bus. 


Being Receptive 

Being receptive to all the kinds of experiences you get is the key to making your first international trip special. Not having any kind of presumptions goes a long way to ensure that you have a blast. I remember I was sulking a bit while we were running around, trying to catch the metro, as I wasn’t used to that. I felt I am being dragged to do something I am not comfortable with. Now when I look back, I realize I was sulking for no reason at all! I should have been more receptive and open to it and should have milked it as much as possible. 


Taking Care of Your Travel Documents & Belongings

Yes, it is very very crucial to take care of your travel documents and belongings – and of course it applies to any time you travel and not just your first international; trip! However, there are good chances that your trip would be a disaster, especially if you lose your important travel documents. Please hold on to with your dear life to your travel documents so that your trip is hassle-free and enjoyable! 

Ofcourse, these reasons may vary for individuals and what works for one may not for other. What I would never be able to forget is that feeling of utter amazement and that Alice in Wonderland feeling I had on my first international trip! Having said that, every new place I visit always turns me into an Alice and I am completely besotted with that place! 



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