How to Spend 6 Great Hours in Lucerne

Someone once said, “The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”

The city of Lucerne, in Switzerland proves this to be two hundred percent true. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is perhaps one of the most picturesque cities in the world. So when we decided to spend some time in Lucerne (instead of going to Mount Titlis), we were kind of skeptical as to what are we going to do there (apart from of course marveling at the sheer beauty and clean air). But thankfully, we didn’t require a lot of time to figure out how to spend 6 great hours in Lucerne.

‘Watch’ it

Well, when in Switzerland, you shop and you shop for watches, right? So head to this amazing mall where you get only watches, called Bucherer. This store is an absolute must when in Lucerne. it is 4 floors of sheer beauty and exquisite craftsmanship in the form of watches. The ambiance, too makes you feel nothing less than royalty. Whether it is one of those very high-end brands or the lowest rung among those high-end brands of watches, you get it all. Even if you don’t buy a watch, a visit to the store is something which will absolutely delight you.
Boat Ride

Spending perfect 6 hours in Lucerne cannot be complete without a boat ride in Lake Lucerne. The boat ride is easy to book. There are a number of piers infront of the Chapel Bridge, where you can get all the information. These boat rides are scheduled every hour post 9 am. These boat rides are for an hour on an average. This one hour will perhaps could be among the best moments of your life. I was mesmerized with the beauty I saw during the boat ride, beyond words. It is surreal, to say the least. The alps in the background, the greenery, the undulating slopes and overall landscape, it completely takes you in. Somewhere between two slopes of a hill, you would see a small cog-wheel train chugging up the hill in all its glory. it is a sight to behold for your lifetime. Now, enough of the description, do check out the deets if you are in Lucerne and are game for a boat ride here –

Lovable Old Bridge


So in one of the facebook/gram stories on a travel page, there was a very cute and funny graphic of what a typical Eurpoean city looks like. There, the graphic mentioned two bridges in every city- one a not very likeable new bridge, and one, a lovable old bridge. So, the Chapel Bridge or Kapellbrücke,(as it is called in German), in the centre of Lucerne, is one of those lovable old bridges. It is a covered wooden footbridge spanning the River Reuss diagonally. It is the world’s oldest surviving truss bridge and what makes it unique is that it contains a number of interior paintings dating back to the 17th century. The bridge was originally built c.1365 and still tops the list of touristy spots in Lucerne. So a walk through the bridge and a photo op is a must. If you don’t, you might as well not get your visa stamped while you leave Switzerland! Just kidding! But on serious note, Chapel Bridge can’t be missed folks!

The beautiful Chapel Bridge in Lucerne

Visit to Jesuit Church

An expansive baroque church built north of the Alps in Switzerland, the Jesuit Church will add to the versatility of your Lucerne travel experience. It emphasizes the Catholic tradition of veneration of saints and visual culture. It was built between 1666 and 1677 and is said to be the most beautiful baroque church in Switzerland. Websites like trip advisor, is where you will get to know more about tours of this church and the areas nearby.
A Leisurely Stroll

If you are done with all the above (or not :P) and looking to get more out of your time in Lucerne, then simply take a leisurely stroll around the Chapel Bridge and the market area. You would get a taste of Lucerne. You might even run into a flash mob! You can savour local delicacies or have a quick drink at one of those lovely roadside cafes with a view once you are looking to take a break. Oh and don’t forget to have Swiss Cheese Fondue and Raclette (Melted cheese served with jacket potatoes, cocktail gherkins and onions as well as pickled fruit).

And finally, before you get out of Lucerne or Switzerland, you have to go to a chocolate shop and buy loads of Lindt chocolate bags! That’s totally mandatory! So that’s how you can spend 6 hours in Lucerne at its best!

Till next time, keep exploring and Happy Travels!


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