Five Times James Bond Island Tour in Phuket is Worth It


So there is an unwritten immigration rule when you travel to Thailand, or to be more specific, Phuket. The rule goes like this – you cannot get in and out of the country without visiting James Bond Island. Okay. I am just kidding. There is no rule like that. But, it is also true that more than 99% of itineraries for Phuket include James Bond Island tour. Khao Phing Kan and Ko Ta Pu have been called James Bond Island after they were featured in a James Bond film. So why is that a default feature when you are planning a trip to Thailand? I am going to try and unravel the reasons.

Number 1

It is a day trip from Phuket to the island. You can leave around 8 in the morning and be back by around 6 in the evening. So you are not too tired, but just enough to may be only take a stroll around your accommodation and grab a drink or a bite.

Number 2

It is basically in the middle of nowhere. All you can see is the ocean and the humongous rock formations in the middle of it. You are cut-off from the civilization apart from those who are taking trip with you. Being in such a situation is sometimes immensely refreshing. You tend to think about your existence in a very different way. You get time to introspect in the 3 hours you have to spend on the speed boat, to and from the point you get into the boat.


Number 3

Some James Bond Island tour reviews might mention there is nothing there. But I guess, that is THE POINT. Being in the vicinity of Nothingness. You are compelled to be close to nature and admire the beauty. All you have to do is just be and forget the vagaries of the mundane city life. W. H. Davies said, there is no time to stand and stare – in our fast, inorganic and amorphous lives. So this is exactly the place to stand and stare! It is perfect for those looking to travel solo. More on why you should do that here.


Number 4

Another reason why James Bond Island trip is a must do is in conjunction with the earlier reason. So when you are looking at such incredible beauty around you, one can’t help but click photographs. So it is a photographer’s delight! It is an absolute pleasure to go clickety click here. Your eyes as well as your camera lenses, despite the umpteen photographs you might click, are still aren’t enough for absorbing the beauty in its totality.

Number 5

It is a haven for those who love to being on a speed boat, canoeing, swimming and more. There are specific points where the speed boats take a halt and those who want to take a dip in the water or try their hand at canoeing, can do so. So chance for more photographs and more social media content!


There are number of local tours which can book James Bond Island trip for you. Additionally, there are websites like Viator and Tripadvisor through which you can book your adventure. It will cost around 70 to 80 USD per person. And don’t forget to check James Bond Island reviews before you book (just for formality)! Long story short, I think these seem to be good enough reasons why a James Bond Island tour is worth it!

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