Four Best Ways to Explore Munich

If you are planning a trip to Deutschland or Germany and if you are done with having Berlin on your checklist, meine freunde, my friends, do add Munich to your list. Munich is rich in history and culture. The city was rebuilt almost literally from ashes after colossal destruction during the 2nd World War. So history buffs will have a gala time in Munich. But hey, the beauty of Munich is that it has a zillion things to offer for different types of travelers. Here are some of the best ways to explore the city.

For the Football & Sport Fanatics
Ah, the football enthusiasts and overall sports lovers will surely love the city. The home for the iconic football club Bayern Munich certainly doesn’t disappoint. The home ground for the club, Allianz Arena is a must visit for the die-hard football fan. Did you know that this is the first stadium in the world with a full color changing exterior? It has a seating capacity of 75,000 and was officially opened on 30 May 2005. If you get tired of this one, hold on. There is more. The Olympic stadium is another place to hang around for the sports enthusiast. With a capacity of 80000, the stadium has hosted major football tournaments. It was, the main venue for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Interestingly, it served as the home ground for Bayern Munich till Allianz Arena came into the picture. The underlying idea behind the design involving sweeping canopies of the stadium was to imitate the Alps. That was supposed to symbolize the birth of a new, democratic and optimistic Germany. I guess then football-lovers will have their schedule set!

Das Auto
Ah, the BMW museum is the perfect place for those interested in cars and bikes. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drool over a vintage BMW coupe or the initial models for the F1 by the automobile giant? The legendary automobile brand’s museum must not be missed. It is a treat for automobile connoisseurs. From the earliest car and bike models by the brand to the drawings of engines from the initial cars to the latest ones, the museum never ceases to amaze you. Must watch! Oh and hey, it is not too far off from the Allianz Arena!

Beer, Conversations & More
Tired after a hectic day of sightseeing? No problem. Grab a jumbo mug of beer and chill out with friends at Hofbrauhaus, a very famous brewery in the city. Munch on a pretzel to go with it and you are ready for good times! You can of course grab a beer anywhere in any other pub. If you visit late September or October, you will not have to make any effort to find beer, thanks to October Fest! When in doubt and tired in Munich, grab a beer! You can even grab a beer and grace one of the numerous beer gartens or gardens all over the city!

For the Artsy Types
Apparently, the art and culture scene in this city is perhaps among the most vibrant ones. It is better than other German cities, for instance, Berlin. This city has a history which dates back to 12th century. It is not surprising that the city’s cultural scene has a lot to offer, be it a plethora of museums or the art galleries. Galleries typically display works of the greatest and the best – Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Rembrandt and El Greco. Alte Pinakothek and Museum Brandhorst are a couple of the most well-known museums. If you are eager for a taste of history, then consider Nymphenburg Palace. The castle of the Nymph”, the Nymphenburg Palace is a Baroque palace. The palace was the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach.
It is hard to put sightseeing in this city in a nutshell. But I will give it a shot. Basically, this city has something for everyone. There is not a single dull moment to be had in this “World City With A Heart”. Auf Wiedersehen ! Bye for Now!

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