Glimpses of Enchantment-Bustling Brussels

After bidding adieu to the city of lights with a heavy heart, we embarked on our journey to Amsterdam. But Brussels awaited us on the way. If Paris was a glamorous, youthful diva, Brussels was a seasoned, wordly wise, slightly elder woman. It had the old world charm. I was excited about being in the land of Hercule Poirot! We ticked off the touristy spots- Manneken Pis, Atomium and the beautiful and intimidating historical buildings involving parliament, royal residences and more. We passed a very nice local library too! Grand Place which was the city centre was abuzz with people and crazy energy of tourists, like us. It was like a huge outdoor party with a merry music band, et all, especially near the little kid’s statue. People seemed completely oblivious to any kind of sadness or anxiety or worry. They seemed carefree and joyous. It was an experience I never had before. I thought whoa! You get to see so many people at one go at one spot only in India! But the architecture and the set up of that place was incredible. The chapel, the Gothic and Roman style architecture from the 1800s was simply fantastic. A couple of waffles, a box of Belgian chocolates and a coffee later we were off to Amsterdam.

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