Glimpses of Enchantment- The Paris Chapter

Paris – the melting pot of history, culture and unmatched fashion. I found all these elements being reflected in every building, at every square and in the people walking briskly across boulevards and arrondissements. Talking about this lovely city, the highlight of our stay was the Lido show and the Seine river cruise. The Lido show was nothing like I had ever seen before. I had this ardent wish to go for that show. We were ready to pay a princely sum for that! We were going to book our tickets online before we reached but good sense prevailed, thanks to our tour director. Since our hotel was located slightly outside the city, we were told it would probably be difficult to reach Champs de Elysses. That was where Lido show was. So we were told that if a decent number of people, transport and tickets can be easily arranged. Thank heavens we got a good number of people who were interested in the show. And voila on the first night of our stay in the city, we were set to go for Lido. To anyone reading this I have to say one thing. If you are in Paris please please do not miss Lido. Do a zillion other things but don’t miss that. Ours was 11pm show accompanied by a glass of champagne. Right from the moment it started, it was breathtaking. The sound, music, the art direction, choreography and costumes was par excellence. The dancers were magnifique. The same stage was ysed for ice skating, gymnastics, aerobics and what not. It was simply beyond words. When the show ended around 1 am, I was speechless. I did want it to end. But all good things do and so did that! The next day was full of adventures. We took a train to Eiffel tower despite having no idea about the system there and the language. But we managed. We had our Seine river cruise to experience. That is another a must do in Paris. All the rich history and culture if the city comes alive during that 1 hour of the cruise. Notre Dame, Grand Palace, Musee de Orsay, Churches and more. The boat passed around 30 bridges! It was simply mesmerizing. I was looking at the architecture, wide eyed and confused as to how many photographs should I click! In the evening, Montparnasse tower awaited us. We got an incredible view of the Eiffel tower and the entire city from the 56th floor. Wow. Adjectives were in short supply! Absolutely enchante! The next day it was At Revoir to Paris, but not before we had gathered some warm and fabulous memories from our stay. Brussels beckoned next.

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