Glimpses of Enchantment That’s Europe

We were all set to fly from Mumbai Airport on 11 April 2018 to Paris via Brussels. We had booked ourselves a package tour for 10 days. It was almost surreal, a dream come true. However, we encountered a nightmare even before we had embarked on our European dream. When we called at the time we were supposed to be picked up, our cab driver was still an hour away. Hell almost broke loose. We quickly, devised a plan B, albeit it wasn’t without bouts of panic from all three of us – me, my mom and my dad. Eventually we made it to the airport in time. We went through the check in and security check motions. We were done a good hour or so before we could board the flight. Hours later a cold and rainy Brussels welcomed us. That made us slightly wary of the weather in the coming days. Luckily Paris was better, even though it was a tad cold and cloudy there. So that was it! The first leg of our trip! I could hardly believe I was in the city of lights, Paris. I mean that’s the stuff of rom coms and novels!

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